Southern Carolina Landing Pad

The SouthernCarolina Alliance and the Beaufort County Economic Development Corporation proudly welcome you to the Landing Pad at 500 Carteret Street in Beaufort, South Carolina, USA.

The Landing Pad program aims to assist established companies from around the world who are looking to enter either the U.S. or South Carolina markets for the first time.

Southern Carolina Landing Pad - Beaufort, SC

The Southern Carolina Landing Pad enables global companies to put feet on the ground in South Carolina by streamlining what can be perceived as an overwhelming process in an unfamiliar market. From regulation and taxation issues to translation or office space, the Landing Pad program will connect businesses to the appropriate service providers, helping them get started in a reliable and cost-effective way.

Companies locating in the Southern Carolina landing pad can expect:

  1. Concierge level assistance on all business and living issues.
  2. 90 days free office space in our 10,000 square foot facility (3,400 square feet  remodeled in 2020).
  3. Free introductory services in the areas of legal, tax, accounting, human resources, engineering, construction, trade, and ports.
  4. Assistance on gaining sales.

By helping businesses make necessary connections and navigate the requirements for doing business in the state, this program allows companies to focus more on securing new North American sales and expanding existing customer bases. The Landing Pad program aims to ensure success for your firm.

For more information about the Southern Carolina Landing Pad, please click here to contact us.

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